How to setup IPTV on Android using IPTV Smarters?

Step 1: Start by downloading IPTV Smarters app from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Open the app once downloaded and click on "Add user" then click on "Login with Xtream Codes API".

Step 3: In this step, in the first box, select any name you want for example "Instant-IPTV". On the second and third box, enter the "Username" and the "Password" of your M3U line and the server URL which can also be found on your M3U line.

Now Click on "ADD USER" to proceed to the next section.

For Example this is your m3u file:

Your Username is: 70756346342468

Your Password is: 88273234290665

Link and portal:

Step 4: Wait some seconds.

Step 5: Now click on "Live TV" icon as depicted in the image via a red arrow.

Step 6: Now you must select the channel group that you want to watch and proceed to the next section.

Step 7: Now you must click on the channel name and then double click on the small screen to turn into full screen as the final step.