How to Install and Configure Your IPTV Subscription on XCIPTV Player with IPTV4U


How to Use IPTV4U to Install and Set Up Your IPTV Subscription on the XCIPTV Player

Learn how to set up your IPTV subscription on the Android XCIPTV Player app in this tutorial with IPTV4U.

Some information about XCIPTV Player:

On Android TV boxes and smartphones, the XCIPTV Player app is a brand-new rival to the well-known iPTV Smarters Pro app. It is simple to set up and incredibly stable. You will learn how to use your Smart IPTV Premium subscription (for Android) in this tutorial. I believe that the XCIPTV Player app is one of the best iptv apps for Android. The Xtream-Codes API (portal) and your login information allow the application to function without relying on m3u files.

Order a subscription for your XCIPTV Player application here if you don't already have one:


Installation and configuration of the XCIPTV player application:

1 - Download the XCIPTV Player app from the Google Play Store (the link is below):

2- Once the application has been installed, run it and enter the information for your IPTV subscription (we will send it to you in the same format):

xciptv setup

As followings:



Password: your-password

NB. For EPGs and logos, they will be loaded automatically:

xciptv player

After loading the iptv subscription on the XCIPTV Player application, you will have the following menu:

xciptv vod

Here are some images of the iPTV subscription screens on the XCIPTV Player app:

1- Example Category Live TV XCIPTV Player:

xciptv category

2- Example Live TV Channel with EPG XCIPTV Player:

info xciptv

3- Example Channel Live TV XCIPTV Player:

xciptv smart iptv

4- Example Category Live TV XCIPTV Player:

xciptv smart iptv

5- Example XCIPTV Player VOD screen:

xciptv smart iptv

6- XCIPTV Player Series Screen Example:

xciptv smart iptv


Main characteristics

The application for Android of the service includes the following options:

  • The interface design is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Built-in media player.
  • Includes live TV, movies and series on VOD and a TV guide.
  • Users can access content by country of production or by category or theme.
  • Allows you to view up to four programs at a time.
  • Ability to configure parental control.

Conditions and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system required: Android 5.0.