Download and Install the IPTV SMARTERS LITE application via the PLAY STORE 2023

iptv smarter lite

Download and Install the IPTV SMARTERS LITE application via the PLAY STORE 2023

Simply follow the instructions below to install and set up an IPTV subscription on the IPTV Smarters lite application as we demonstrate in this tutorial:


Just go to the Play store [Download] find the application, download it, and install it on your device.



IPTV subscription



Add User




Click on + or Add a user to configure iptv smarters pro or player.



Select connection with the Xtream codes API.




Fill in the form


Enter the identifiers of your iptv smarters pro subscription: Name, User, Password and Server URL.





Select your profile:



We've logged in successfully and are currently on the dashboard.

There are a variety of options available, including LIVE TV, MOVIES, SERIES, INSTALL EPG, RECORDINGS, CATCHUP, and the icons for users, settings, account information, and notifications, in addition to the other four.

Simply click Live TV to access the services.



Install EPG:


To launch EPG loading automatically, select Install EPG from the dashboard. There is nothing else to do here besides click it.





Click on Live TV.





The options to use on IPTV Smarters / lite



You can quickly access some cool features, such as the EPG and list update, by pressing the tab button.





List of features of IPTV Smarters / lite:



  • Simple to use and logically designed
  • Channel and video on demand playlist organization, channel replay, and EPG timeline.
  • Find channels and videos online.
  • offers the use of VLC and MX Player as external players in addition to the two built-in players.
  • EPG (TV guide) and automatic channel logos
  • Vods information includes a synopsis, movie and series posters, and notes.
  • Favorite things
  • Information on subscriptions: Status of subscriptions, date of expiration, etc.
  • is compatible with m3u or not (Thanks to Xtream-Codes API)
  • New!
  • Samsung Smart TVs and LG Smart TVs both support the IPTV Smarters Player (On the US store).


    IPTV Smarters lite

    Updating your iptv playback on IPTV Smarters


    It's time to buy an iptv subscription for the IPTV SMARTERS / PRO, order here: SUBSCRIPTION IPTV SMARTERS / l ite