MAG Device IPTV Setup Tutorial

MAG Device IPTV Setup Tutorial

Important: By default, we will only provide you a login, password, and m3u file; we advise mag users to enter the m3u link instead because it operates more reliably.

Moreover, Infomir defends copyright, resulting in a warning and a block on several MAG-Boxes. Due to MAG's numerous difficulties, we highly suggest using an Android box to stream IPTV. So, since you'll have total control over your device, we highly recommend Android boxes.

An overview of MAG

Some of the most potent streaming media players are MAG boxes. They are favored by IPTV customers due to their quickness, ease of use, and superior streaming capabilities. You get all the tools needed to make the most out of your IPTV subscription, and the user interface is snappy and easy to use. Channel switching also happens quickly.

Please contact us with your MAC address so that we can add your device to our server if your Mad device does not allow you to fill in a m3u link.

This tutorial will walk you through the quick and simple procedures necessary to install your Mag (250/254/256).
The primary portal screen shows in Step 1 when the box loads. Then, after clicking "settings," hit the "SETUP/SET" remote button”.

Step 2: Then press on “System settings” and click on “Servers”.

Step 3: Click on ‘Servers’

Step 4: Choose and Press option ‘Portals’

Step 5: In the ‘Portal 1 name’ line enter a portal name and in the ‘Portal 1 URL’ enter portal URL.

Since the activation of our IPTV subscription on your MAG box must be done remotely, you must include the MAC address from the label behind the box with your order. Immediately upon activation, we will email you a URL link that you must enter on your PORTAL, as seen in the image below:

Step 6: After you are finished, select "OK" to save the changes.

Step 7: After the settings are saved, press the "EXIT" button on the remote control.

Step 8 - As a result, you must restart the box. To apply the changes, select the "OK" option.

Step 9: Have pleasure in watching more than 8000 channels in HD quality across the globe.




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