How to install and configure iPTV subscription on NET IPTV

How to install and configure iPTV subscription on NET IPTV

In this video, we'll show you how to set up your NET IPTV account and install your iPTV subscription.

Turn on your Smart TV.

If you wish to download apps for your TV, keep in mind that it needs to be linked to the internet.


Find the NET IPTV app:

Choose the "NET IPTV" app from the "Most liked" section. The application page appears.

Tap Install.

You can start using the program by going to its official website and clicking the Download, Installation, and Run buttons. You have successfully retrieved the NET IPTV app from your Samsung TV.


  • Even if the software costs money, you may try it out for free for a week.
  • The one-time cost of the "NET IPTV" app is €5.49.
  • You will then be taken to the NET IPTV app's home page, where you can immediately begin using it.

    If you want to configure your IPTV subscription on your own, here are the steps:

    Go to the  NET IPTV site


    • add external playlist links (URL), with automatic update
    • enter your TV MAC address
    • enter your M3U list
    • to confirm Recaptcha (I'm not a Roboter)
    • please wait
    • enter send
    • please wait 5-10 seconds
    • restart your TV again
    • go to Net IPTV
    • press any key
    • Your list is ready enjoy live channels! 😊

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