Starting the device for the first time

Be cautious and verify the correct power before plugging in the power. You must plug the power wires in sequentially if you have two or three setup boxes. Your box's power supply will malfunction if you plug it into the incorrect power source. Use the following steps to begin setting. HDMI and electricity should be connected. This will turn the box on automatically. On the front of the box, you can notice the pairing LED light with red and blue light. You will see our logo for one or two minutes once your box has started.

Setting up the box

If you want to modify your setup box, you need first establish the fundamental options before choosing the appropriate server option. You cannot set the server and see the VOD in any other case. Try to set a few steps before configuring the server.

Connecting to WiFi

Go to the settings area to connect to the wireless network. You may view your wifi network by selecting "Wifi" from the menu. When you enter the proper wireless password, it will display connected. Try rebooting the wireless router by unplugging it if it doesn't show your wireless network. This is a quick way to get your wireless access points back. Switch on the hotspot, then off. Networks will show if you try again.

Adjusting your Time Zone

Go to the settings menu to change your time zone. The world's time zones are shown if you choose the 'Time' menu option. to find your time zone, scroll up and down.

Adjusting your language

Go to the settings menu to reset the language. Choose any language from the list by selecting it from the 'language' menu.

How to add IPTV channels to AVOV

Step 1: On the main menu, first select the "Live TV" icon. You will be taken to the servers configuration section if you are doing this for the first time. The procedures listed below should be followed if the servers configuration section doesn't show immediately.

Step 2: Go to the “Settings” section from the main menu.


Step 3: Now select “SERVER SETTING” and proceed to the next section.

Step 4: Now in the "Server Name" insert a name and it may be anything you like and in the "Server URL" insert the portal address which can be received from your IPTV provider and then click on "Connect". You must register your device's mac address on the IPTV provider's server. If you want to utilize this installation technique, fill down your mac address on the order form. if not, use method 2.

With Method 2, you can also access your m3u link's xtream codes login and password inside using your IPTV provider's m3u link... enable Adding credentials using the option Any server name is permitted, but the server url must follow this format: http://xxxxxx.xxx/8080 user name: and the passphrase you have been given by us. click on connect after that.

Step 5: You can see now that the channels are being loaded to your set up box.

Step 6: Now head back to the main menu and click on “Live TV” icon.


Step 7: You can now click on any channel based on each category and start watching live channels.




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