Android TV (Perfect Player)

Go to Google Play store anddownload Perfect Player IPTV

Kindly adhere to all 14 steps.

Number One: Open Perfect Player

2 – Go to Settings

3 – You are now on the Settings Page. Visit General

4 –After adding ALL IPTV by name and entering your URL in the Playlist field, click OK.

5 – Go to EPG

6 – After entering your EPG URL, click OK.

7 – Go back to your Settings Page and go to Playback

8 – Check ONLY change system volume

Return to your Settings Page and select GUI at step 9.

10 - Just Check Channels as group folders to display

11 - Start up Perfect Player again

12 - On the left side, you now see a list of channels.

13 - Push the left button on the remote control to bring up the group folder with all the channels.

14 - Choose any folder and take pleasure in watching all channels.




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